Bras For Sale

An advantage to a virtual bra museum is that I don’t necessarily need to retain physical possession of all of the bras in the collection. This would require more space than I have available, and why keep them in a box where no one can enjoy them.

I will from time to time be selling some of my bras on Ebay that I think might be of value to someone. This will also allow me to defray some of the costs of running the museum. Please consider buying a bra to support this project and you will be able to tell your friends that your bra is in a museum!

Please note that I am not in the business of buying or selling bras. The bras that I post in the museum and the bras that I sell are acquired at random. I have no sources for particular styles, models, or sizes. If you are looking for a particular bra that is not available in stores, your best options might be Ebay or Bratabase. Please don’t ask me to find something for you or ask me to buy something from you.

The following bras are currently for sale:

Moving Comfort black lace sports bra 32B.

Warner’s Vintage black underwire 38C.

Candies NWT Underwire Lace Black w/dots 36B.

Title Nine underwire sports bra 36D.



7 thoughts on “Bras For Sale

  1. I love the sky Bali 3500. It is the only bra I have ever worn and I’m afraid I am running out of them. If you go search “My Bra and other songs and satires” on Youtube I’m singing a song i wrote about my sky bali bra.

  2. What a Neat Web Site. I Cant figure out Why Bras are Discontinued, Its Not Fair, I have a Bra I Kept From 1990 s I bought them by the dozen. I am still trying to find that One Right Bra. I Miss My Favorite Bra. Enjoyed Your Museum Thanks Deb

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