Bra Links

There are a huge number of websites related to bras, from fit to photos to reviews and more. Any listing of links is by necessity partial. These are some that I have found interesting or helpful. I will be adding more as I find them. I welcome suggestions for more links of interest. Send them to (at) gmail (dot) com.

General Bra Interest
I started out trying to separate these links into more categories, but so many fit into more than one category or are hard to pin down that I just decided to lump them all together. Some areas looked at are bra fit, bra reviews, new styles, general commentary about bras and more. I’ll let you decide for yourselves what they are about and whether you like them or not.
Bratabase. Large database for sharing bra fit information.
Les Gros Bonnets is a blogger in Paris who writes about large cup bras and more.
The Lingerie Lesbian. Bra and lingerie reviews, discussion, and making your own.
Miss Underpinnings writes about bras from the point of view of a professional bra fitter.
Small Bust, Big Heart A blog for small-busted women.
Sweet Nothings: New styles, fit issues, and more.
Two cakes on a Plate, a blog about bras and lingerie with reviews and news.
The Busty Resources Wiki has lots of useful information about bras and breasts.

Bra Images
The bra as art.. This site features photos of a variety of lovely bras.
High Definition Bra Gallery: High resolution bra images, updated weekly.
Stanikomania: A collection of hundreds of photos of lovely bras, including many closeups.

Vintage Bras and Lingerie

The Underpinnings Museum. An exciting new online museum of vintage to current undergarments. Well curated and professionally photographed
Sylvia’s Legacy. Another online museum with numerous vintage bra and lingerie advertising images.
Sweet Cherry Vintage. Nice pictures and features.
Sheila’s Lingerie has a nice page with a brief history of the bra.
Tasha on By Gum, By Golly has an excellent post about recreating the fit of a 1940’s bra.
Here is a fascinating video from 1940 all about Bali bras:

For Men
Men Wear Bras. A forum for men who wear bras.Bra Obsession. Musings from someone obsessed by bras.

6 thoughts on “Bra Links

  1. I am trying to find out where to find Underscore bras made in Thailand for JCP, the tag has WPL 11935. Also there is 1874 and RN 15763, & on the very end is
    855 10 10. This is a wireless bra, no lace, just plain, very comfortable! It is like the Platex 18 hr bra. Trying to locate one very near this one, could really use your help!

  2. Carol: I have no sources to find particular bras. Penney’s has brought back several Underscore models similar to the Playtex 18-Hour. I would suggest you check the JCP website or a JCP store near you.

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