About the Museum

Bras are amazing articles of clothing. They have two different sizes – band size and cup size, which both need to be selected correctly. They are called on to provide a high degree of support while simultaneously being comfortable enough to wear all day. Since breasts come in different shapes as well as sizes and bodies are all different, fitting a bra involves both art and science. They come in a dizzying range of styles, colors, and designs to work with all types of outer clothing and during all types of activities. While doing all this they also often are designed to make the wearer look and feel sexy and desirable.

The Bra Museum is a collection of photographs of the many different bras in my large and growing collection.   The collection includes hundreds of different bras – new to vintage, everyday to sexy, and more will be added as I acquire them and my schedule permits. I will also be posting occasional images of panties and other lingerie items that complement the bras in the collection. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Send to bra.museum (at) gmail.com. Please note, however, that I am not in the business of buying or selling bras. Don’t ask me where you can find a particular bra, because I don’t know. A small number of the bras posted here are sold on Ebay, but these sales are limited, one time transactions and will be listed on my “Bras for Sale” page.

A visitor to the site asked why I don’t show the bras on live models. My response is that I would love to do so, but 1) I don’t have a willing free model available, 2) This is a no budget, spare time website; models cost money and need to be scheduled, 3) I have many different sizes of bras, which would require many different sizes of models. That being said, if circumstance allow it in the future, who knows what could happen.

I am now accepting a limited number of submissions of bra photos from visitors to the museum. Read more details here.

11 thoughts on “About the Museum

  1. Hello sister! You sure have a nice collection of things for your page! I love the knowledge you provide in these pages!!! Keep up the good work, I’m a follower! All the best! Hugs, Candy

  2. Have you considered adding your bras to the Bratabase? It is a huge resource of lots of bra information very organized, I think that your bras’ pictures and measurements would be of great help there!

  3. Thanks for the good suggestion, Iliana. I have just recently signed up on Bratabase and added one bra. I will try to add more as my time permits. Many of my bras are older, discontinued models and probably wouldn’t be that useful to add. Bratabase is indeed an excellent resource.

  4. My mother is 88 and these are the same bras that she and her cousin have worn as far back as they can remember!! We always called them Mom’s water-wings!!! She is sad because they do not make them anymore! Hers are worn out but she is fighting the fact that she needs to try to find a new BRA!!

  5. so nice to see a site all about bras! i’d love to see all of the pictures. how many actual bras do you possess? so many of the vintage bras are just so pretty!

  6. Good day.
    I am from South Africa and found a box between my mom-in-law’s stuff with a vintage vibrating bra. (Spirals as cups.) It is in working condition in its original box with extra fittings. Any idea on the value of this?

  7. Hi Chane,
    That sounds like a fascinating find. I don’t know about that type of bra, but I would imagine that it might be quite interesting and valuable to the right person. Possible even a museum might be interested. If you could take some pictures of it, I would be happy to post them here.

  8. I’d like to put a shout out there to everyone regarding warmers sizzles style bras & panties. I used to buy them in the 1970s and early 80s. Does anyone besides me know about these wonderful, comfortable, pretty and sexy bras (and panties)? I’m thinking they r discontinued because I cannot find them anywhere. They were such a staple in my underwear drawer, but then my kids came along & I lost track of them. Just very, very curious to know about and to see them again. Can anybody help me? Thank u in advance for your help.

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