Unknown Vintage? Demi Pushup Bra 36A

The label on this bra is completely faded so I can’t determine the brand. My guess on the size is 36A. I like this bra a lot, it is too bad that nothing like it is still made today. The underwire cups are a very pretty floral lace with a diagonal seam. The lining is a silky smooth nylon tricot and there is a thin layer of fiberfill padding throughout and a pocket in the lower cup for insertion of a pad for additional pushup. The gore is low and decorated with a large bow. The lace extends a ways up onto the straps, which stretch and adjust in the back. It fastens with a single hook in the back with three positions.

-Thanks to Matt, a sharp reader, this bra has been identified as an original Victoria’s Secret Miracle Bra, from the late 1990’s.


2 thoughts on “Unknown Vintage? Demi Pushup Bra 36A

  1. Thanks, Matt. I think you are correct. Mine matches the one in your link exactly, right down to the pattern on the lace and the two part label (though one part has been cut off of mine).

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