Bali 2620 Sno-Flake Vintage Bra 38C

Bali sold Sno-Flake bras for many years in the 1960’s and 70’s and perhaps beyond. There were several versions, including strapless, longline, seamless, and a bra-slip. This one, the 2620 was probably the most popular and long lived. You can see another one I posted earlier here, an older one, the main differences being this one is imported rather than made in USA and this one has the newer style ring and slider strap adjusters.

The two section underwire cups are fairly sheer, two layers of lace and mesh with a horizontal seam and Bali’s traditional bow inset in the center. The front adjusting straps are non-stretch with a short elastic section in the back. The full coverage cups give a fairly pointy profile. I have included three pictures I found on the web showing the type of packaging this bra may have come in and a magazine ad for Sno-Flake bras.


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