Olga 35061 Smooth Back with Supreme Support Bra 36D

This bra was discontinued by Olga in 2010. It features a unique overlapping back design to smooth out lumps and bumps. Stretch straps adjust in the back and are close set to reduce slipping. Seamless underwire cups are made of Simplex material. The lace trim on the neckline, straps, and back adds a nice touch. Here is another example of this style that I posted earlier.


3 thoughts on “Olga 35061 Smooth Back with Supreme Support Bra 36D

  1. I have a Tailoring background and always appreciate well designed garments for Men, and of course Women. Such an important element is comfort for everyone.
    Thank you very much for such a well thought out Site ! Csaba Takacs

  2. Bra styles come and go so frequently it is hard to keep track and often hard to figure the manufacturer’s reasoning. It is a pretty rare and special bra that sticks around for more than a few years. It could be a manufacturing issue or availability of materials, or changing fashion preferences, or just sales are not as high as needed. Sometimes a bra is discontinued but then will come back several years later. As new styles are introduced, old ones need to be dropped, often to the regret of many customers.

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