Ambrielle Breathe Easy Cooling Bra 38C

Ambrielle bras are from JC Penney’s stores. This style may be on the way out; this one was recently purchased in a store at a sale price and is available online in limited quantities. It does come in several different colors. The bra is very lightweight; the underwired cups are seamless with very light padding and are made of a breathable material to keep you cool in hot weather. Straps are elasticized in back and have metal adjusters. Here is a video from Penneys about it.

I tried dying the bra blue using Rit dye in Evening Blue and here are the results. As expected different materials take the dye differently, but I think the result looks pretty good. Polyester does not take this type of dye well so the cups, which are a polyester blend, came out lighter than most of the other parts, which are probably nylon. Most of the stitching shows up white indicating that polyester thread was likely used.


3 thoughts on “Ambrielle Breathe Easy Cooling Bra 38C

  1. I love that shade of blue! And I actually love the fact that different fibers react differently to a single dye color– the results may be a little less predictable, but it makes it look like you did a lot more work than you did!

  2. Probably the best bra I’ve ever bought. Finding the right bra is a long, frustrating, and sometimes tear-inducing experience. Now that I’m learning this product has been discontinued, it’s time to cue the waterworks. Uggghhhhh :*(

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