Unknown Purple Lace Underwire Bra 38C

There is no label on this bra so I don’t know the brand. The size is around 38C. Very pretty deep purple color. The cups are sheer lace, unlined, with a horizontal seam. Fairly low cut; I would consider it a balconette style.


One thought on “Unknown Purple Lace Underwire Bra 38C

  1. Gorgeous color!! I love lace bras. You know, since I’ve started making my own bras, I’ve realized how much we’re used to the padded, or at least lined, cups– it’s been a revelation to me that it’s not the fabric itself that provides shape and support, it’s the way the pieces are cut. So even though I’m 36DD, I can wear the unlined bras I actually prefer, provided the cut is correct.

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