Playtex 18-Hour Bra Garter Belt

This is a unique and interesting design- a Playtex 18-Hour bra was converted into a garter belt. Actually bras and garter belts have many features in common. Both fit around the body, are elasticized, and fasten with hook and eye fasteners. Both have straps. To make the conversion, the bra is reversed, with the hooks in front, and worn upside down so the straps can have garters attached. It actually works quite well. The cups are empty, so a smaller cup size is best (they are too high to fit over the buttocks). Not all bras would be well suited to this conversion. It should be fairly wide with firm elastic wings and multiple hook fastening, and have suitable strap positioning.


3 thoughts on “Playtex 18-Hour Bra Garter Belt

  1. I did that once. cut the material out of the cups, and attached garter tabs to the cut in half bra straps. it was a very believable garter belt.

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