Change is coming

Since starting this Bra Museum blog over two years ago, my goal has been to post pictures of one new bra every day. I haven’t quite met that goal, but have come fairly close most months. Two things have now changed, however. First, my best source for new bras to post is no longer available. This means that once my current backlog is gone I will be adding new bras less frequently. Secondly, I am nearing the upload limit for images that WordPress puts on a free website. My choices are either to stop posting pictures, start to delete older pictures, or pay for a site upgrade. Since I operate this site on a budget of zero, I have chosen the second option- to delete older posts of bras that I feel are of less interest. I suppose other options would be to accept paid advertising on the site or solicit donations from readers, but since I want to keep things simple and minimize my time committment, I won’t be pursuing those choices.

Another change I am planning is to post occasional other lingerie items than bras. My emphasis remains bras, but you may occasionally see posts about panties, girdles, or other related items that I find to be of interest. Thanks to all of you who read and view the site. Comments or suggestions are always welcome.

I continue to accept submissions of bra photos from my readers. See my post about that here.


2 thoughts on “Change is coming

  1. Have you heard of Bratabase? It is a website that has a huge database of all brands and models of bras, many of them are discontinued or rare but people who has them adds them there. I think it’s a great place to put

    You could add your bras information there That way you won’t run out of space because they host the pictures for you and their information is pretty well structured (size ranges, reviews, conversions, etc).

    It is free to use and store your data and still help women with this information you got. That way you don’t have to delete the data from the Internet and will be available to anybody looking for it.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Rhonda. I have looked at Bratabase in the past and it is indeed an excellent resource. I will check it out some more.

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