Bullet Bras 5

Here is another installment of images found on the web of classic, pointy, bullet bras. Bullet bras seem to be enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Some of these are vintage and some are newer. Let me know if any of the images are yours and you would like them removed or attributed.


2 thoughts on “Bullet Bras 5

  1. None of the images are mine (I don’t claim to own anything on the ‘net) it’s just I’d like to know where to BUY a bullet bra in US size 42D.

  2. Cara- You might want to try the Bali Flower bra, available in most US Department stores. It is not a true bullet bra, but does give a somewhat more cone-like shape than many bras today. The cups tend to run a bit large, so it would be a good idea to try on before buying.

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