Sears 48644 Longline Bra 40B

This bra appears identical to the 48645 model posted earlier here. Sears no longer sells this style under their own name, but an identical appearing bra by Exquisite Form is available at Sears and other retailers. The 3-section cups give a classic pointy shape to the breasts. Made of non-stretch cotton with stretch powernet panels. Anyone purchasing this type of bra would be advised to try it on in the store as the fit may not be what you are accustomed to. It is designed to fit tightly around the body and hold the breasts up high and out.

2 thoughts on “Sears 48644 Longline Bra 40B

  1. Exactly the same as the 48645. At the time Sears computer system couldn’t handle 2 variables for size – band and cup – per style. 48644 is B cup, 48645 C cup and 49646 D cup.
    Same style as exquisteform. Sears later decided it would be better to have it in as branded and is still there today.

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