Urbanology Cotton Pushup Bra 36C

Urbanology is a line sold by Shopko Department stores, targeted at the junior market. This style has been discontinued. Cotton outside, polyester cup lining. Underwired, seamless, built in pushup padding. Hook on back of strap allows it to be worn standard or racerback style.


3 thoughts on “Urbanology Cotton Pushup Bra 36C

  1. Lovely junior bra! Nice for a young woman to be able to wear an underwire bra! Underwire bras are so nice feeling!

  2. Hi! I’m very happy to be part of your group. How many actual bras does the club have ? How many sets of photos? Bras are 1 of my favorite piece of lingerie next to slips! Thank you! Charlene

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  3. Thanks for your interest and kind words, Charlene. The Bra Museum is not a group or a club- it is simply a place for one person, myself, to share pictures of my collection of bras with others who might be interested. I don’t know how many bras or photosets I have- many hundreds. Many bras are waiting to be photographed, and many more have been photographed and are waiting to be edited and posted. Since I do this in my spare time, and am constantly acquiring more bras, I don’t anticipate running out any time in the foreseeable future. Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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