Olga 35061 Smooth Back Bra 40D

Olga 35061 Smooth Back with Supreme Support. Discontinued around 2011. A very pretty bra with a unique back configuration for back smoothing. The cups are seamless, single layer, with just a small amount of stretch. Tagless, with well padded back hook area.


3 thoughts on “Olga 35061 Smooth Back Bra 40D

  1. Hi! I’m very interested in buying a few of the mentioned bras. There’s a bali #180 in a size 44. Is there any way to contact the owners expressing an interest in buying those certain bras? Thank you! Charlene

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  2. Thanks for your interest, but the only bras that I am able to sell are those that I list periodically on the “Bras for Sale” page. Many of the bras that I post are long since disposed of in one way or another and all that remains of them is the pictures. I don’t have the time or the interest in finding or selling otherwise.

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