Exquisite Form 530 Front Close 38B

Here is another Exquisite Form 530, almost identical to the 40B example posted previously. An old design that has happily continued into the present.

3 thoughts on “Exquisite Form 530 Front Close 38B

  1. I.have come across cases of equsisite.form brassieres in my old shop im cleaning out fod demolition. I have 502 thats how.i.found your site. Would you or someone you know for a fee give me a rough idea of their value. They are new and in original boxes. Im tryimg tl.determine if i should unload as a lot or sell individually. Im.struggling finding any info on thesr.

  2. Sounds like a great find! You probably could get more for the bras by selling them individually, though of course it would be more work. Because many Exquisite Form bras were made until quite recently virtually unchanged from the old models from the 50’s and 60’s, they are probably not as rare or valuable as some vintage bras.

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