Vanity Fair Vintage Lace Piquant 75-464 Bra 38C

The Lace Piquant family of bras are classics made for many years by Vanity Fair in several different variations. This is the average cup bra, as opposed to the full figure model (75-165). It appears virtually identical to the 75-164 from the 1970’s. This bra is in excellent condition for an older model. The underwired cups are unlined and have a single horizontal seam. The lower part is nylon tricot and the top is a pretty lace. The wings are a nylon/spandex material with the same print as the lower cups. The straps stretch and adjust in front. This is truly a lovely bra; it was a shame to see it’s run come to an end.

Click here to see my post of a different member of the Lace Piquant bra family. VF also made Lace Piquant panties, slips, etc. to match the bras. I even vaguely recall seeing a LP garter belt many years ago. I’ve added a couple of pictures of a half slip from my collection in a slightly different print and a picture from the web of some Lace Piquant panties.


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