Penney’s 3-Section Lace Bra History

1976 Fall and Winter  detail

1976 Fall and Winter detail

I will stray from my usual style of post to give a view over time of one of my favorite bras. JC Penney’s sold these 3-section lace underwire bras for 36 years from 1971 until 2007, virtually unchanged. They were sourced from the Fancee Free Lingerie company, a St. Louis based lingerie manufacturer/importer. To the best of my knowledge, Fancee Free is still in existence, but their only products now are a handful of nursing bras. Penney’s sold these bras through their catalog and later their website. I’m not sure if they were ever available in the stores. In the earlier years no specific brand name was given to them; sometime before 2004 they were given the Underscore label, then in 2007 the name was changed to Fancy Me. I don’t have Penney’s catalogs from the late 80’s and most of the 90’s so it is possible that it was not available for some of that time. The style was discontinued in the end of 2007, much to my sadness. The only significant change I am aware of over the years is that sometime prior to 1984 the strap adjusters were changed from the clamp type where the strap joins the top of the cup to the more current ring and slider type of adjustment.

The cups are all lace, non-stretch, with a sheer lining. The 3-section cut and sewn design gives a decidedly high and pointy profile which I like, but some may not. The cups are full coverage with a deep center gore and the straps are non-stretch except for a short elastic section in back. The powernet wings hold everything in place firmly. These bras give excellent support and full coverage but are still pretty and sexy. I bought several before they were discontinued. Some I dyed in different colors. Picture of some are already posted, others will follow soon.

The pictures here show the bra as it appeared in JC Penney catalogs and the website over the years. There is also a picture from the web of a model wearing one.

Here are links to my posts with detail photos of individual bras:
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Underscore 40C Beige
Underscore 38D Green
Fancy Me 38B white/red


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