Bali 3364 Minimizer Bra 38D

Bali 3364 underwire minimizer- this bra was discontinued by Bali in the fall of 2009.


8 thoughts on “Bali 3364 Minimizer Bra 38D

  1. Re: 3364 minimizer in 34 DD
    (settle for 36 DD )
    Help …As a very active runner …Please tell me Where on earth can one find more of these particular style bras? 2009 was the worst year ever for the discontinuance of the only bra that ever worked for me. Since then the stretchy bouncy strap strange cupped shapes and odd looking sticky materials that jam fabric in lines under clothes make me wonder who exactly designs these contraptions …certainly not real women lol! And why are we putting up with it? BRING BACK THE BEST BRA EVER DESIGNED FOR LARGE TOPPED RUNNERS , I SAY with satin finish like the old that works for all fabrics.

  2. I post on Bali’s FB page regularly to bring back the 3364. Maybe if enough people complain, they will consider it. I love this bra so much that I am considering having one of my old stretched out 3364 duplicated by a bra seamstress. Not sure if such a thing can be done, but I am searching for someone!! If anyone hears of a service like this, please post here!!

  3. Its 2017.. Still never found s close substitute gor this bali style …if you get one feature you lose another cup comfort but stretchy bouncy stupid straps…or cheap fabric that sticks to and rumples all your shirts… worse gaposis on button diwns ughhh…
    Calling on any and all women capable of producing or getting this bra again…a kings ransom i tell you! 34 DD AND UP. You would have the market to yourself!!
    Are you listening Lace and Day?

  4. Im with you …send round the petition!I have a couple friends that miss this bra so much too
    I posted another followup to my first post on 2015.on bra museum ..still holding out

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